As a medium-sized company, FRANKONIA considers it a noble obligation to be socially responsible.

For example, the charity AWA Aktionsgemeinschaft Viersen-West-Afrika e.V. has continually been supported idealistically and financially for many years, and direct development projects have also been financed and supervised in West Africa.

In addition, FRANKONIA are actively campaigning for the redevelopment of Berlin Castle.


The organisation supports, finances and supervises direct development projects in West Africa. Under the motto "Help with Heart and Understanding", many projects are benefiting from this work and African families and children in particular are being helped. Incidentally, there are no additional administrative costs associated with this work. By building a sewing school in Togo or a health centre in Benin, help becomes self-help and people gain real future prospects, without depriving them of their autonomy.

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If you ever have the opportunity to walk from the Reichstag to the Brandenburg Gate and then along Unter den Linden, you can experience a potted version of our history. This historic ensemble – Pariser Platz, Humboldt University, the State Opera, Schinkel's Alter Wache, the Zeughaus (home to the German History Museum), museum island and Berlin cathedral – is a model of German Enlightenment and Humanism. Instead of a castle to complete the overall historical impression, there is only a large empty square behind the Schlossbrücke. The castle is not only aesthetically missing from the overall urban picture but also from the overall historical impression.

Since 2007, FRANKONIA has supported the redevelopment of Berlin Castle by regularly donating to the charity Förderverein Berliner Schloss e.V. Further information on the initiative, as well as donation details, is available here:

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Human Plus stands for fast and efficient help for victims of war or natural disasters. FRANKONIA supports the organisation with an annual membership fee and is financing the freight costs for food deliveries to Cuba over the next 5 months.

Human Plus is a registered organisation (e.V.) which, as a charity, provides humanitarian aid all over the world. The organisation of Human Plus is efficient and lean. Donations and relief supplies must reach the people in need quickly and not get stuck in the administrative apparatus of the organisation. Human Plus always follows the maxim that "any society can only be as good as the people who form it". All members of Human Plus share the same objective: To help as best as they possibly can. Further information on Human Plus

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As a further example of our social commitment, at the art house on Lenbachplatz on 28th February 2007 , we auctioned three art historical and highly valuable design sketches by the Munich artist Franz von Lenbach from the FRANKONIA Eurobau Maxviertel GmbH collection.

The proceeds from this auction, and donations gathered on the night – €70,000 in total – were given to the charity "Children for a Better World" (Patron: Dr. Florian Lagenscheidt)